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about syd island


syd island (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary trans, Black, "biracial," multidisciplinary artist currently based in Canarsie, Lenapehoking, so-called Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. syd is a musician and singer who enjoys performing everything from improvisational experimental music to medieval motets and gregorian chants. they have experience as a performer in devised and improvised experimental dance and theater. as a visual artist, they document their life through colorful self-portraits and create digital and watercolor protest posters. syd has a BA in Music Theory, History, and Composition from Brown University and is a graduate of Arizona School for the Arts. they have ongoing collaborations with Pioneers Go East Collective, Friend of Friend, and Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell. syd has developed and performed works at Judson Memorial Church, The Brick Theater, Roulette Intermedium, the Exponential Festival, the Assembly’s Deceleration Lab, and BRIClab.

syd dabbles in many instruments, mediums, and interests such as piano, accordion, trumpet, skateboarding, acting, makeup art, and interior design. alongside performing, they are happiest when backpacking with their spouse, the playwright Andy Boyd

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